Executive Board Members of Distinction State Finals Officials

2019-2020 Executive Board

President Jon Heldmann
Vice President Al Lagger
Secretary Mark Trapp
Treasurer Les Preuss
Members-at-Large Jeff Kargol
Cindy Panagiotaros

Members of Distinction

Over time, certain individuals differentiate themselves from the rest of an organization’s membership.
The ZONI Executive Board believes that these people deserve a special, lasting recognition and in 1997 created the
Member of Distinction designation to honor these individuals.

Members of Distinction have excelled in many ways, including their recruiting activities and active participation in ZONI;
their positive attitude towards, passion for, and dedication to promoting and improving the game of volleyball;
and their efforts in critiquing, providing constructive criticism, and mentoring other officials.

The following individuals have been inducted into the Members of Distinction:

  • Becky Gillespie (1997)
  • Denise Izatt (1997)
  • David Kessler (1997)
  • Nancy Nester (1997)
  • Tony Skrocki (2000)
  • Ed Vesely (2003)
  • Terri Narantic (2006)
  • Joe Panico (2006)
  • Looie Green (2010)
  • Cindy Panagiotaros (2015)

State Finals Officials

The following individuals have worked one or more IHSA State Finals as a floor official and/or a line judge (most floor officials have also line judged). Ex-members who were floor officials are indicated with an asterisk.

Floor Officials

Line Judges

  • Peg Campana *
  • Voncile Carlson *
  • Julie Colwell
  • Chris Curry
  • Cindy Eggemeyer *
  • Mark Febonio
  • Joanie Fesl
  • Becky Gillespie *
  • Louis Green
  • Dave Harlan
  • Denise Izatt *
  • Darnell Jones
  • Dave Kessler
  • Janice McGeary *
  • Mark McKinnon
  • Terri Narantic
  • Nancy Nester
  • Sue Nugent *
  • Joe Panico
  • Todd Roth
  • Tony Skrocki
  • Jackie Skryd *
  • Mary Soapes
  • Al Stensland
  • Mark Trapp
  • Ruth Verbel
  • Ed Vesely
  • Les Cord
  • Marek Fracz
  • Kevin Helmick
  • Krystian Krzyzak
  • Ray LaFrancis
  • Tracy Levine
  • Jason Palmer
  • Ray Vergara
  • Stan Wiedeman
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